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Lazy Callbacks

Around this time last year, I had a few goals in mind for this year. However, I didn’t exactly write them down - and as most of my friends will attest, my memory isn’t the best, so I’m kinda winging it.

  • Jiu Jitsu - My biggest goal at the start of the year, was to get all the weird shit with my head sorted out so I could go back to doing jiu jitsu. This thankfully got sorted, but it was the weirdest condition ever. My doctors called it Ideopathic Intracranial Hypertension, which is doctor speak for well, there’s too much liquid in his otherwise empty head, and we don’t exactly know why. Embarrassingly enough, this is a condition that mostly affects middle aged women, so for me to have it was a bit of an aberration. But yeah, by February, this was all sorted out, not only was I going to Jiu Jitsu three times a week, but when my instructor’s instructor visited him, he actually gave me 2 stripes on my white belt. Subsequently, I fucked up my knee drilling Judo throws, and then as I embraced my inner idiot, I went rock climbing, fell while clowning around on the wall and snapped my acl. Now, a surgery and lots of physio later, Im hoping to get back to bjj sometime around march of next year.

  • Work - at the start of this year, I moved to Hyderabad, to work for Gramener. I’ve spent most of the year working on backend web development, though I did get over my aversion to JS and front end stuff in general. I’m still not good at it, but it’s no longer something I’m completely clueless about. Not as much data stuff as I would have liked, but I learned quite a bit about shipping software and lately, I’ve been working on figuring out how to expose ML to people who don’t necessarily know how to code, it’s pretty fun. I also learned that I’m absolutely terrible at estimating how long something is going to take to complete - so recently I’ve started figuring out an estimate, and multiplying it by 3. This seems to work for now.

  • Grad School - I wanted to have made a decision by the end of this year, fact of the matter is, while I don’t think having a graduate degree is necessary at all, most jobs that I want to apply for seem to require them. That said, the idea of going back to grad school terrifies me - it’s fairly pointless to go to anything less than a top school - and the last time I was in a top engineering school, it didn’t exactly end so well. Whatever little side research I do with IIITDelhi is more or less stalled as well, I need to figure out how to get my GAN working well enough, and I’m not there yet. I think over the next month, I’m going to decide one way or another and actively pursue progress towards whichever decision I make. Enough dithering.

So this year, my goals are fairly straightforward, other than healing up for jiujitsu and figuring out grad school stuff - I want to hit top 10% for one kaggle competition, drop all the weight I’ve gained last year thanks to injuries and stress and finally invest more time in getting out of my apartment and making friends. I’ve become a bit of a shut in since I moved to Hyderabad, and it definitely isn’t healthy. Perhaps starting a data science related meetup group in Hyderabad would be an easy way to work towards acheiving two of these at the same time - as far as I know PyData Hyderabad seems to be a fairly dead group.